Basic Grammar, vocabulary

Aside from at least, Basic Grammar, vocabulary is another very important area to enhance when trying to speak English. As a matter of fact, it is the first thing one has to develop. Yet the most common question English learners ask is how to quickly learn new words. To English to Arabic improve your vocabulary, you should have a clear-cut plan to follow constantly and continuously along your English course. It is not enough to read English books, or listen to native speakers if you really want to learn fast. neither perseverance nor determination is sufficient help too, to a swift speech development. No matter how persevering you are, without a concrete plan or strategy to adhere upon, learning will take too slow.

It is also very important for a student to set an achievable goal or target, so to challenge oneself. Of course, in every goal one has to set, there must always be a corresponding deadline – the date or time you want your goal to be accomplished. For example, target to learn and use every day at most five (5) words each week and so memorized a total of twenty (20) words every month. Just imagine how many English words you would learn in just a year which I’m sure you only had done when you were a child to your own language, so to speak. Through out the course of doing this, you are to yourself inadvertently yet automatically reinforcing the desire to learn because you are steeped fully to achieving your target.

How many words have you learned this month? Do you remember the last unfamiliar word or words you learned? How many are they? Can you remember if you have been able to learn and memorized five new words for the last four weeks? Most probably, your answer is “No, I can’t remember.” That is because even if you are trying to, since you have no set plan, strategy, goal, and target date, it is so easy for you to just ignore the words you had wished to learn, though you actually ought to learn them.

One tip I can give you to easily remember a new word is to play with the word. Think of a funny thing, event or name of a very familiar person or maybe another word which you may connect to that word. Let us use for example the word “badger”. Badger is a verb that means persuade through constant effort. You may associate it to a boy or girl you know, maybe your brother or child who you believed to be so insistent and at times annoying when asking or pleading for something from you. Or maybe associate it to a colleague from childhood who never got tired of teasing you. Let us say the name of the boy was Tom; you may then remember him as “Tom Badger”.

In my next article, I will demonstrate more simple but systematic techniques to learn new vocabularies, and those techniques you may use as you pursue your goal. Remember that in order to be able to communicate effectively in English, you must know a lot of words. But without a set plan on how to learn new words and retain them in your memory, your English learning will stay slow; you will lose your courage to learn and eventually will stop, only to find yourself studying all over again because you realized you needed to. In order not to pass through this cycle, which most if not all students have gone through, take steps. Start by setting a plan.

Club Party Ideas


Club parties are getting progressively mainstream for work, social and private get-togethers! On the off chance that you have been Charity Casino given the errand of getting sorted out a gambling club party, at that point the accompanying club party thoughts will profit you incredibly.


  1. You don’t should be in a gambling club for your gathering. You could hold it at your office, a nearby lodging or in your home!


  1. It is significant that you choose right off the bat, even before you convey your solicitations whether you will play for genuine cash. I can disclose to you that from my experience, most of gambling club parties don’t play for genuine cash.


This shouldn’t imply that that you ought not, yet what about this for a superior thought: I recommend you request installment in advance before the gathering of a set measure of cash! So on the off chance that everyone pays $50 for a ticket, at that point they get say 5000 chips toward the beginning of the night. No one has less, no one has all the more so there can be no grumbling, no shames and no one loses more cash than any other person.


You can pool this cash together for a first, second and third prize and so on


  1. You will be satisfied to peruse that you can employ out all you require for a gambling club party. This incorporates all game gear and even staff to run the games.


  1. The standard games I would go for would be poker, blackjack, 21 and craps. All are very simple to learn, fun and comprehensive!
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