Charm Gems and Jewelry

Are you fond of collecting different types of jewelry? Did you know that gems found in jewelry have different meanings associated with it? To know more about them, read this article.

For centuries, jewelry are not only associated with wealth, power and fame, but also correlated with good luck and love as well. When you browse through history, you can see that aside from the priceless material things like houses, cars, clothing or furniture, you can find that jewelry is the most preferred possession by women of all ages, status and ranks. It is not because they are expensive, but because it is durable and they value more the sentimentality and memories associated with it.

You can find men giving diamond rings, gold necklaces with precious gems or bracelets with hanging trinkets to their friends and loved ones. You can also find that parents also love to give these ornaments to their children. For years, we gave and we received jewelry with precious gems, but have you ever wondered what these gems mean and what it connotes? For your information, these gems have their respective meanings and purpose like what good luck charms do to their bearer. For years, we do not even bother to know what it connotes because most of us believed that these are just ornaments that we can use to accessorize whatever clothes we wear, right? These items give more and hold more for its bearer. If you want to take advantage of its power, try reading the different gems and their meaning.

Famous gems found in jewelry:

Aquamarine – This gem is associated to Sea Goddesses because of its beautiful color. gemtv It is believed to give clarity of mind, tranquil mind and creative expression to those who wears them. It is associated with tranquility, clarity of mind and creative self-expression and ancient people used it to aid meditation.

Emerald – Ancient Greek civilization associated the gem with the Goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. More so, it is believed that it can bring wealth, mental clarity, self-knowledge, truth and love to those who wears the. It is said to lift depression, promote healing and enhance the immune system of the bearer.

Garnet – Among the beads, garnet is considered the most popular because of its warm red color and its ability to complement with different skin tones, clothing and other accessories. This gem goes well with silver and gold metals. Ancient Egyptians used garnet to protect them against thieves and burglars, to enhance the imagination and to purify the body. More so, they believed that this gem is also associated with loyalty, passion and love.

Pearls – Aside from symbolizing purity and innocence, it is believed to be the tears of the Gods. According to Western culture, this gem is linked to the moon and to water.

Ruby – For centuries, ruby is believed to assist the bearers of this gem in their spiritual endeavor. It is also used to generate passion, to protect the bearer from misfortune and to inspire courage. It is also correlated with sexual energy, power, joy and wealth.

Sapphire – It is considered the “Stone of Prosperity” because of its ability to help the bearer fulfill their dreams. Ancient Greeks used it to aid in prophecy and to suppress wicked thoughts. Moreover, the gem is associated with intuition, peace and joy.

Topaz – For centuries, scholars and intellectuals used this gem to aid in their higher thinking. It is known to promote empathy, kindness and compassion. It is also used to relieve tension, to enhance awareness and to promote the feeling of joy.
With the facts and ideas mentioned beforehand, you can choose what gem is suited for you.

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