Data analysis and synthesis

The identified articles are analysed employing a qualitative content analysis technique, which results in a coding scheme, including a main category, three sub-categories and a number of other associated topics associated with the most categories. The researchers unanimously agree upon the coding that emerged from the analysis of the reviewed papers. to make sure inter-rater reliability (p) with reference to the standard of article coding procedures, alittle random sample (n = 20) of the chosen articles is coded in duplicate. The calculated reliability exceeds 93%, which may be a top quality of agreement across coding categories. Furthermore, a review of mixed-methodology studies provides high-quality evidence, thanks to a mixture of quantitative and qualitative elements in terms of methodological triangulation.

The researchers examined the studies from varying viewpoints. Firstly, they analysed the info set characteristics, like the continent on which the studies are conducted, the topic discipline, the methodological research design, the kinds of games and simulations identified, and therefore the period of time during which the bulk of the studies happened . the stress is on the analysis, measures, and style of the quantitative methodology (experimental, quasi-experimental, pre-test, post-test surveys, etc.), also because the qualitative methods utilized in the reviewed surveys.

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