The Power of Wear Rings Section Two: Performance

That has a 50 p.c decrease in clearance, performance is greater by two to four per cent.
Part 1 of this sequence mentioned how wear rings effect pump dependability by raising rotor stability—lessening vibration and shaft deflection—thus increasing the life of the mechanical seals. Portion Two examines the effect of pump dress in ring clearance on pump performance.
For many years, pump designers have recognized that escalating put on ring clearance brings about a lack of effectiveness. However, with steel use rings, even the minimal clearance as specified by API610 is sizeable. Since the clearance can’t be decreased involving two metallic rings without the need of a heightened threat of pump seizure, metal don rings limit pump performance.
Making use of non-metallic don rings, the steel-to-metal interfaces throughout the pump is usually eliminated, and dress in ring clearance can usually be decreased by fifty percent. This transformation makes an important advancement in pump efficiency.

Pump Efficiency Influence

Wear rings act as a seal among the large-tension and low-tension areas in just a pump. Leakage past the dress in rings (QL) recirculates in the impeller as demonstrated in Figure one. The operators only see the circulation coming out of the pump (Q). The whole Electricity use from the pump, however, can be a perform of Q + QL—the whole stream in the impeller (Lobanoff, Ross).Check Face Protection equipments here
Definitely, if we reduce the have on ring clearance, we lessen QL and so lessen the electrical power necessary to attain a similar movement (Q) with the pump. As We’ll see, QL is frequently a considerable proportion of the overall flow in the impeller.

cost savings

Lessening the don ring clearance to fifty percent of your API typical will save a plant a substantial sum of money. Consider a populace of pumps with full on the internet horsepower of twenty five,000 horsepower—normal for any 100,000-barrels-for each-day refinery. A 3 per cent effectiveness get above your complete pump population will minimize energy use by four.nine million kilowatt hrs. Annual personal savings will likely be a function of the regional price of energy (Table 2).
These financial savings will not contain regional incentives for minimizing electric power consumption or other cost savings, including averting the necessity to get a new substation.


Cutting down The inner leakage throughout the pump also minimizes The web beneficial suction head expected (NPSHR). Therefore, pumps with minimized put on ring clearance are less likely to cavitate. This was the topic of a whole posting in Pumps & Programs, July 2009, (Henshaw). The write-up involved a whole pump curve displaying the effects of diminished clearance on all aspects of pump effectiveness (Figure 4).
At BEP, the NPSHR was Virtually ten ft lower following the dress in ring clearance was diminished. For many pumping units, the one other way to create such a great deal of further NPSH margin would be to boost the peak on the suction vessel.


For typical process pumps, cutting down have on ring clearance by 50 percent will produce an performance achieve inside the number of two to 4 p.c. The precise obtain will likely be connected to the pump’s certain speed, the pump style, just how much the clearance is usually decreased and where the pump operates on the curve. As well as the efficiency gain, the pump will even have a decreased NPSHR at most move fees, lowering the potential risk of cavitation, which can present additional trustworthiness and effectiveness advancement.

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