Why Do People Die Sooner When Taking Sleeping Pills?

People who take sleeping pills often hope that will increase their sleep enough to make them more energetic in the day. They may hope that will improve their long-term health. Its effects are just the buy ambien online opposite of what people hope.

Prescribed sleeping pills are basically chemical that force your brainwave to slow down, hence make you feel relax, and enter to the Alpha brainwave and therefore, you go to sleep. But the fact is you spend way too much time in Alpha stage which you only feel rejuvenate when you get enough deep sleep (Delta brainwave). That explains you are so tired and feel disoriented in the next morning.

Here’s what you should do if you are currently taking these sugar coated poison to help you sleep. You should stop taking it by cutting it down a half dosage today, and see what happen tomorrow. It’s very likely that you don’t need that heavy dose and still be able to fall asleep at night fine. Once you got your ‘numbers’, gradually cut it a half per day, drink plenty of water, exercise to boost your metabolism. That can help you kick that evil habit.

It is found that people who used prescribed sleep aids had significantly higher mortality. Even when people were matched for age, sex, race, and education, and a total of 32 health risk factors, those who reported taking sleeping pills 30 or more times per month had 25% more mortality than those who said that they took no pills at all. However, it did not determine which particular sleeping pills were associated with this risk.

Try melatonin, a natural hormone sleep-aid, that will help to make you tired and allow for a good night’s sleep. The pineal gland in your brain naturally secretes minute amounts of this hormone. Since each body can be slightly different, not everyone will produce equal amounts of it. Begin with the strength on the bottle. If it doesn’t seem to work over the first few nights, DECREASE the dosage slightly. This may seem a bit paradoxical to do, but the amount of melatonin the brain produces on its own is very tiny – somewhere around 300mcg. The brain is more responsive to this natural, tiny amount than it is to larger, overwhelming doses. The idea is to mimic the secretions of the pineal gland as closely as possible to help put your brain back into your natural sleep rhythms and where it needs to be asleep, that is – naturally! This will help you to avoid sleeping pills.

You can also drink herbal “sleepytime” tea before bed. In particular, consume valerian and chamomile which are both usually active ingredients in these teas, or purchase them separately in pill or liquid form. Valerian is a completely natural plant derivative, which will help you to get a good sleep.

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