Why Just Exercise? Core Rhythms & Flirty Girl Fitness Take Exercise to the Next Level!

Times have definitely changed and exercise today is not just about toning and slimming your body. There have been many workout programs designed to be incredible core muscle and cardiovascular workouts that will not just provide an intense workout but teach users sexy dance moves along the way. The Core Rhythms DVDs and Flirty Girl Fitness DVDs are two of the most popular. Both ensure guaranteed results that will literally transform your body and provide weight loss, toning and empower women with super charged confidence. Both exercise programs are designed to burn fat and work out the core muscles of the abdomen, legs, hips and buttocks!

The Core Rhythms torrent workout was designed by two Latin American dance champions and is being endorsed Dancing with the Stars Len Goodman. The instructional Core Rhythm DVDs come with beginners and advanced exercises and are essentially Latin American dance moves done to upbeat music. It is similar to aerobics but the users can learn the basics and more advanced Latin dance moves in the process of their workout. The video series includes work outs that range from 15 minute power boosters to a 45 minute all inclusive workout. Testimonials of actual users are positive and boast the program as not only being effective and a great work out – but extremely fun as well. A few users feel that the dance moves are difficult to learn and take a lot of core muscle strength before they can be perfected. The Core Rhythms system costs $19.99 for each DVD program and upon the initial order one bonus video is provided for free. One of the nice things about the program is they do not require any special equipment or try to sell anything more than the exercises to their customers. They do offer a money back guarantee within 30 days of receipt of the product and pretty much guarantee results as long as the exercises are followed precisely. It is recommended by the manufacturers to do at least 15 – 60 minutes per day.

The Flirty Girl Fitness Program also offers the promise of weight loss, endurance and lost inches around the waist as well as the other “trouble” parts of the female body. Flirty Girl Fitness DVDs come with fast paced music and are aimed at teaching women more “sexy” exercises like pole dancing in order to get them in shape. Flirty Girl mania has caught on and many women feel that exercises are empowering and help boost sexual confidence as well as transform the body. The exercises are not exactly simple to perform and take a lot of work in order to perfect as well. Flirty Girl Fitness offers poles for sale at discount prices to customers and have even developed gyms and classes across the continental US that are attractive to women. They boast that the exercises are intended to transform the sensual shape of a women’s body and the exercises are directed at the abdominal, obliques, buttocks, hips, thighs and arms. The fine print indicates that the $9.99 initial purchase only gives customers the “teaser” DVDs and the remainder are offered at $19.99 a piece.https://sparkfitpro.com/

Independent reviews by women who have tried both programs are favorable. Leading dieticians and nutritionists explain that whether or not exercise works is completely dependent upon whether or not a person actually does them. They both perform excellent cardiovascular exercise routines that definitely break the hum drum routines of traditional exercise. If you can’t decide between the two; determining whether you would prefer a Latin American dance versus a sex charged pole or chair dancing routine can make the decision easier. Which is better may come down to your personality. One of the reasons that both of these work and are getting such positive results is because they are fun and allow the participant to do much more than just move their body; they are actually learning fantastic new dance skills that provide an extra adrenaline rush to the workout.

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